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Editorial: The $7 Burrito Debt and Colorado’s College Graduate Crisis

There are the legions of budget balancers where, sometime near the end of a semester, a choice is to be made between a $7 burrito and beer for the weekend.

For college students, living large can be about balancing the $26.50 in the bank account and not incurring overdraft fees, while avoiding monster debt notes that come due in the six months after graduation.

While paying for a burrito may not seem like a big deal, it can mean everything for a college student.

In America today, the average college student will rack up $25k to $35k worth of debt just to get a degree so they can get a job with their teaching, nursing, engineering, social work or English diplomas.

Actually, let's not kid ourselves. There are few jobs for people with English major degrees – it's just paying to read books for a world that wants no more than 140 characters. En all cerealness, we not need edritors or kn0w words. #emoji smileyface Snapcat..

But that brings up an interesting point. Why spend all this money on college, maybe rack up a seemingly endless and an unbeatable amount of debt for a job that probably isn't available in regions ill-suited for college students and grads?

If Southeast Colorado is going to have any shot in capturing some of the Colorado growth...

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Editorial: The $7 Burrito Debt and Colorado's College Graduate Crisis
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