Eco-gifts for mom: a new twist


From intelefficient.com

1. Jewelry

Mother’s Day jewelry has come a long way from the cheap, metal “I Heart Mom” necklace. Now, you can buy unique necklaces with recycled glass pendants or beads made from the pages of an old novel.

Online bet: Etsy.com

Local pick: The 10 Spot II, 125 S. Union Ave.

2. Flowers

Flowers have long been a staple of showering Moms with adoration. This year, show her you care about her and the planet by buying from a grower that doesn’t use pesticides and treats farm workers with respect.

Online bet: OrganicBouquet.com

Local pick: Ask your local florist if they have pesticide-free flowers

3. Candles

Light up her world with thoughtfulness! Candles can emit cancer causing agents and toxins. Look for candles made from beeswax or soy with a lead-free wick.

Online bet: ColoradoCandleCompany.com

Local pick: Nature’s Delight by Marion Sanford, Etsy.com/shop/marionsanford

4. Bonding Time

What your mom really wants for Mother’s Day is to spend time with you. Take your mom out for coffee or brunch. It’s easy, and you don’t have to wrap anything!

Local pick: Sister’s Courtyard Tea Room, 517 W. 5th St., sisterscourtyard.com

5. Photo frame

A classic Mom’s Day gift is a framed picture of the kids, the grandkids or a treasured moment. Green this gift with a frame made from recycled magazines, bike chains or reused wood.

Online bet: Uncommongoods.com


By Jenny Kedward

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