Eating Right, Right?

Time for change! Off to the gym or yoga or pole dancing – and time to start eating better. But it’s hard because I don’t think Pueblo has a gym open at 2am. And I can’t go to yoga because I don’t want to do anything that’s too Middle Eastern-y. As for pole dancing? Well let’s just say I have a body for radio. All that’s left is control over what I stuff in my mouth.

So, I, as your faithful food critic, set out to all my favorite restaurants looking for something that would satisfy my hunger without making me punch extra holes in my belt.?

The Pantry, 107 1/2 E. Abriendo Ave. Selection: Lo-carb Grilled Chicken??You might not think of The Pantry when you think of “healthy” eating, but they do have one item that I recommend you try whether you are dieting or not. You can feel good about this juicy, grilled chicken breast with Swiss cheese and a spicy Pueblo chile. The chile plays off the sharp flavor in the cheese and brings the chicken to life. It’s served with cottage cheese and a side salad. Make sure to order the salad with low-calorie Italian dressing.

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