How to Dress Well | What is this Heart? – R&B Music Review

How To Dress Well, or just Tom Krell, has gained some buzz across the web, but it’s just okay, for a growing artist. Yes, he’s been making music since 2009, but most of his music has missed the mark, only because the instrumentals have been on the lesser end of great.

Why listen to it? Because he’s still a good singer. He has a well-developed voice and it’s perfect for R&B, but don’t try to listen to this album after you listen to Sam Smith. You probably should use that advice with any artist. The vocals are similar to Sam Smith and it has the same feel throughout the album, but Krell has some empty space he needs to fill and he should have done that with his vocals. He missed the mark there, so I bet his future projects will progress like his music has so far.

It’s not everyday I suggest for the readers to listen to an underground singer, but this guy is different. He’s soulful and tends to be edgy in areas of the album. Skip to “Childhood Faith,” because it’s a good song that has the potential to be great. It has an alternative feel while still remaining in the realm of soul. It’s a good track and definitely the best track on the album. There’s definitely hope for Krell.

“2 Years On,” is bad. This song truly shocked me because it made it on the album. The album has it’s weak spots, but at this point in the album, it completely fell of for this song. This pothole in the album almost made me stop listening, so please skip it completely so that you don’t feel the disappointment that I did. I cringed for a second, but I lived through it.

I’m going to suggest this to only those who are fans of R&B and Soul, because it’s a niche style on this one. The overall album receives a C+ from me, because I only liked half of the album. Even though there’s moments of mediocrity, there’s still moments of hope that will eventually land his music on the radio.

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