Defy You Stars | Urban Impression

The disquietude of Defy You Stars

“I felt unresolved for a long time and music was this whole new world to me, it made sense to me when nothing else did and it gave me something to work toward.”

Nikk Banos is the frontman for Defy You Stars, which is an up and coming group based out of Wheat Ridge, Colorado. The post-hardcore group has been branching out into styles similar to Indie and Pop Rock, while they continue to play live shows all over Denver. As they are fully emerged in the recording of their debut album, the group’s sound will finally take formation of everything that has influenced them until now, making the DYS style they have long awaited.

“We never know how to describe our genre. We just try to write music we like that is a hybrid of a lot of our influences,” Banos said. “This record is going to be a lot different because we keep learning. Other artists’ music just helps us get excited.”

Banos is essentially what brought this project to life. He started off doing solo gigs as Defy You Stars back in 2009 and eventually wanted to extend it into a group. That’s when everything else fell into place.

After spending most of his childhood in New Orleans, Banos moved to Colorado after hurricane Katrina, and met Nikko Evans, who also plays a role in DYS. Evans is now the bassist, but not until Banos had found the drummer he needed to make DYS a functional band. Throughout the years of playing for different bands, Banos decided to move forward with DYS, and that’s when he added Patrick Milburn, as the drummer, and then Evans as the bassist.

“Nikko was my first real friend that I made in Colorado,” the frontman explained.” We met at this like rock band camp for kids and we’ve been attached at the hip ever since. I met Patrick initially through craigslist but then we played in a few bands and we basically all fell into place together after a bunch of dramatic events.”

Now, Defy You Stars is a fully functional band, making strides with their live performances, while looking for a label.

Though they might not have a lot of recorded material, the group has written songs to perform at their live shows. Now that they are settled on what they want to accomplish as a group, they are working hard on their upcoming debut album. It was originally set to be released sometime in November, but they decided they needed more time. Ultimately giving it everything they got, the release date has been pushed to March.

“As far as the concept for the record, we were trying to capture a lot of the anxiety, angst, and other emotions that came with our formative years,” Banos explained.

Learning from bands like All Time Low, My Chemical Romance, Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil, the band has crafted a melodic and fast-tempo style that really expresses who they are. Then, with the combination of their lyrics, it takes a deeper connection with Banos, while referencing his personal struggle with time and morality. Like most great bands, they have been able to dive into their projects with real emotion.

The band is already recording and the band can see the end product for their album. With all of the planning and writing done for the album, they will be spending the next couple of months getting the sound right in the studio.

Outside of recording, they will continue to play a string of shows up until they release the album. They’ll drop their single around the time they finish the final cut for the record and then it’ll be time for them to start a tour.

“Once it is done, we will drop a single, make pre-orders available, then drop the whole thing.” Banos said.  Shortly after we’ll do like a Colorado tour. From there we will be trying to make it over to the west and south coast.”

When it comes to touring, DYS won’t have to be shown the ropes on how to play big gigs. Performing at places like the Summit Music Hall and The Marquis Theater are just amongst the many places they have played. They’ve also performed with groups like You Me At Six and All Time Low.

With big plans ahead of them, DYS will be able to make a name for themselves. Be on the look out for the band’s name in 2015.

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