Dirty Loops | Loopified – Editor’s Choice Music Review

What was that!? The group’s bio, which reads “What was that!?” will be your reaction to their music. It’s truly shocking to see this kind of musical skill in one band. It consists of three guys out of Sweden, and they blow you away with every note they play and every note they sing. There is something for everyone on this album, because they explored every genre on Loopified.

Dirty Loops selected “Hit Me” as their hit single, but they should really be pushing their song “The Way She Walks.” This song is truly everything good. It’s more than worth listening to: it’s worth buying. They put a twist on their usual overly-Funky style and slowed it down for some House music. DL uses a style that could cross over very easily into the U.S. They found a way to master House music while turning it into Funk. It’s something that you have to listen to in order to believe.

It has been a very good month for music, and a lot of it has been coming from foreign musicians. As far as funk and jazz goes, Europe has been killing it.

The amazing musicianship in this band is tied to Sweden. Three guys, who also were classmates, came together and have made some amazing music. The group is made up of Jonah Nilsson, a phenomenal vocalist and keyboardist; Henrik Linder, a master bass player; and Aron Mellergardh, the drummer and backbone to the pace of the band’s energy. All three of these guys could have solo careers, but are all rolled up in one awesome band and that’s the number one reason why people need to jump on their music.

The trio first started making cover songs on YouTube in 2010- which helped them gain popularity on the web. The band then decided to move their music across the world. They used fans online to pick and choose places to tour, and they could very well be coming to Colorado soon. On the band’s website, Henrik explained that the project, meaning Dirty Loops, was never meant to be what it is. It was originally meant to be a meaningless creative outlet. It might have started just for fun, but now they will be touring all across the world to do what they love.

The entire album is entertaining, it’s fun and will quickly become of one of your favorites. The roll they are on is unstoppable. The other sellable part to this group is that the band is just as good live. Once people get their hands on a copy of Loopified, the newfound fans will be just as entertained by one of their concerts.

Am I suggesting you buy the album? Absolutely. And I wouldn’t wait another minute. It’s one of the summer’s best so far.

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