Did you know Shakira and Rihanna released a hot new video!?

Let me begin by saying that Shakira and Rihanna are experts at crafting music videos for their male audience, but they blew their past videos out of the water with this one. “Can’t Remember to Forget You,” is actually a good song, but all of the talk has been about Shakira and Rihanna’s moments in bed. The loved ones that they are talking about are represented as each other. So, as they grind their bodies against the wall and on each other, the male audience is going crazy as Shakira and Rihanna crawl their way to bed. 

The guy they are singing about never makes an appearance, so who’s the “he” in this situation? My bet is on Rihanna. 

The strategy here was to get views and that’s exactly what they did. In just three days, the music video has accumulated over 65 million views and the views are going to continue to grow. This was all successful promotion for Shakira’s new album, coming in March, and it could also be setting up some hype for a new Rihanna album, since she hasn’t released an album in over a year. Remember, Rihanna was known for dropping a new album every year, until last year, so one could be coming later in 2014.

So, let us know if the video made you hot or was the video a dud?

Shoot a tweet to me on Twitter, @FazeisFamous, or leave us on comment below.

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