Diabolic | Fightin’ Words – Editor’s Choice

I can not believe that Diabolic has only released one other full-length album before now. The 2010 release, Liar & A Thief , had much praise, but it didn’t bring as much fire as his new release, Fightin’ Words. Though he has been involved with the Underground Hip-Hop scene since 2003, he hasn’t built up his reputation like other major underground rappers have. It started off with a couple of battles in New York and now his name carries some weight in the underground world.

On the new album, the Long Island rapper has come out swinging for the fences and it’s exciting to say the least. Maybe it might not be commercial enough to get noticed, but it’s one of the comeback Hip-Hop albums that the Hip-Hop heads have been waiting for. There’s not a strong sense of melody with this album, but it’s a lot of rhythm and words. The wordplay is far beyond what any commercial rapper can bring to the table. There’s way too many different combinations of words to count.

So, if Diabolic is not enough to get you to check out the album, then maybe the list of features will. Apathy, Locksmith, R.A. the Rugged Man, Celph Titled, Vinnie Paz and DJ Premier. Those are just a few of the guests he invited to work on the album, but no one comes less than hardcore. The entire album has energy through the roof, while the instrumentals provide the perfect backsplash for headphone music.

Diabolic spits it so hard throughout the album, it’s almost like you can feel his spit coming through the headphones. Download the album, let the album play all the way through and it’s impossible to not be completely pumped up by the time you’re done with the track, “Fightin’ Words.” Besides his killer flow, he actually has a message to all of his competitors, so this track is a must-listen.

The great thing about this album is that it will always be a hidden gem. It will have a hard time gaining any commercial success, so this work of art will something that you could use in your Hip-Hop discussions with friends.

A lot of his fans know that the album was first announced to be released sometime in 2013, but a dispute with his label put a year-long delay on it, so it was a highly anticipated album. It definitely didn’t disappoint after the long wait.

This album is a must have for all of the fans of good Hip-Hop. Usually, I’d save an underground rapper suggestion for the underground fans, but this has Class A lyricism that any Hip-Hop head will appreciate.

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