Cyhi The Prynce – Black Hystori Project | Music Review

Mixtape of the Month

Cyhi The Prynce

Black Hystori Project


By Felix Cordova | @FazeisFamous

Who’s the most slept on rapper in the game? It would have to be Cyhi The Prynce and that’s not an understatement. He has released a few mixtapes, no albums and is probably more well known as Kanye West’s ghost writer, but he’s actually catching fire with his new mixtape, Black Hystori Project.

Everything about the mixtape is catchy and there’s not a dull moment in the whole mixtape, and trust me, that’s rare for this newer generation of “swag” rappers. It wouldn’t surprise me if rappers like Drake have used Cyhi’s writing skills and forgot to give credit. It’s amazing to actually hear lyrical content come out of a present day rapper’s mouth and it stay on beat.

First up, “Napoleon,” is the buzz creator of the album and is also the only song he decided to make a video for. It gives you a glimpse at what he looks like, which isn’t anything new for a rapper, and it happens to be the most critical track on the album. Without it, the mixtape wouldn’t have felt complete.

It’s not quite the intro as his intro track, but it’s his opening statement. He gives everyone a look at what he could do lyrically, he also a kicks a classic “southern” flow to his rhythm and manages to manhandle the multi-syllable method that only the greats can do. Well, some of the supposed greats can’t do what I heard on this album and that’s something that I’m positive a lot of Hip-Hop heads would agree with.

So, I can’t say this new rapper is coming in for the kill, because he’s quite as new as it may seem. He’s been around for the last eight years or so and he hasn’t gained much popularity. He’s had a few mixtapes, but even those weren’t on the level that this one is.

Something has motivated Cyhi and I think people will catch. They have to! So, anyone who hasn’t heard of Cyhi The Prynce, make sure to check him out. The mixtape, Black Hystori Project, is a must-listen and that’s without a doubt. It’s a CD for fans of good lyricism, for all heads, definitely for fans of great flow and it will be soon known as a great mixtape once it can break though with some commercial success.


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