Cycle of Life says

Founded by Christlife Ministries, Cycle of Life aims to serve the community by making bikes affordable to anyone, especially to those who need them most. Scholarships, provided through Christlife, assure that bike and repair prices are fitted to what a person can afford. Because Christlife is largely a prison ministry, the original intention of the scholarship program was to provide free bikes to former inmates, but Cycle of Life wants to work with anyone who wants to become a bike owner. Bikes are collected largely through donations from Pueblo community members, which allows the shop to keep prices low.

That isn’t to say that Cycle of Life does not carry some really nice bikes. The store boasts an amazing array of models ranging from the most basic and practical bikes, great for short distance travel or kids who will quickly grow out of them, to stylish cruiser bikes, great for pedaling around town and looking great while doing it. There are also premier racing and mountain bikes from top brands, great for the more knowledgeable and ambitious cyclist training for a triathlon or a trip to the Monarch Crest Trail. In addition to bikes, the walls of the shop are stacked with high quality new parts and accessories. Cycle of Life is promoting cycling as a lifestyle no matter what kind of lifestyle it is you want to live.

You know as soon as you walk in that Cycle of Life is more than just a bike shop. The back of the store boasts a flat screen TV and a large plush couch, inviting customers to relax and stay awhile. And they have big plans for a coffee and snack bar, weekly organized rides, as well as bike maintenance classes and this writer’s personal favorite, a hostel for cross-country cyclists.

The hostel would require the possession of a passport or a bike in order to receive lodging. By catering to bicycle tourists, Cycle of Life is promoting a greener way to sight-see in Pueblo. This practically brand new store is already the go-to place not just for used bike purchases, but year-round bike rentals as well, allowing tourists to see Pueblo from the vantage point of a bicycle seat instead of a car.

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