The Country-Punk fury of COS Tejon Street Corner Thieves is a sound to behold

COS: Rip-Roarin’ Countrypunx | Tejon Street Corner Thieves

The hard tourin’, hard livin’ trashgrass heroes the Tejon Street Corner Thieves are back and better than ever with their new album Goers. While their 150 proof still of americana, bluegrass, and country-fried punk have been a fan favorite for a while now, they’ve somehow managed to outdo themselves on Goers, fuel-injecting this into a new batch of tunes that take said formula and rev it up even further with a newfound sweetness and storytelling ability.


DEN: Garage Rock Reverberation | Henry & the Kissengers

Bombsaway, the new six song sonic offering from Denver’s perfectly named Henry and the Kissengers, is hi-watt garage-rock hip shake and retro-fed psychedelic squelch personified, a perfect marriage of the Kinks grit and the Byrds sheen. Unsurprisingly, the entirety of the album sounds and more importantly feels like an unearthed relic straight from your grandparents attic via the free-love 1960’s. Don’t take the brown acid!


DEN: Double Indie-Pop trouble | Kissing Party / Bleak Plaza

At 3 songs each, this split album between Denver’s Kissing Party and Bleak Plaza masterfully showcases both groups in sharp, succinct bursts; tracks 1-3 showcase the largely uptempo and raucously jangle-pop of Kissing Party, with the last 3 delving into the swirling, hazy psych-pop of Bleak Plaza; offering listeners two great tastes that perfectly complement one another.


DEN: Ska-Jazz Mastery | Dendrites

Fun Fact! Not only is the term “Rude Boy” a dank Rhianna song, but a classic term for followers and fans of Jamaican ska and reggae music. And my newest fave batch of Rude Boys are Denver’s Dendrites, who make the kind of tightly coiled and energetic jump-up instrumental ska tunes that will no doubt have you dancing the dang night away. Pick it up. Pick. It. Up.



All releases available for purchase now thru Bandcamp. Go Local!