Common | Nobody’s Smiling – Death of Hip-Hop Music Review

What happened to hip-hop? Rappers from the golden age of hip-hop are now complete garbage. Modern day wannabe hip-hop heads can pretend their music is still good, but it isn’t. One listen through this album will put a fork in it. Of course there wasn’t much anticipation for this album, but I saw it as a chance to complain some more about hip-hop.

Don’t buy it and don’t listen to it, because you will be disappointed. If you didn’t like hip-hop before, then you really won’t like it now. Ironically, the album’s name is Nobody’s Smiling, especially after listening to the album.

Common was once a decent lyricist and even talked up as one of the greats, but he has greatly fallen off, or maybe people are just starting to realize it after all of these years. The wack beats and stale verses more than explain why he has gone from going Platinum, to not being able to push 100,000 copies of his album. It’s kind of sad.

He brings the energy, because has always been a good performer, but he’s lacking the skill to execute a great song. I am definitely not suggesting this album to anyone, especially not to anyone who likes hip-hop. Better luck in a different lifetime Common, your time has come and gone.

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