Colton Dixon, A Messenger | New Release

Colton Dixon, an ex-contestant on American Idol, has had much success in his short span as a musician, so far. With the new album release, A Messenger, Dixon has proved he has gained much popularity in the Christian Music world, with his edgy Pop Rock tunes. He sold about 100,000 units so far and should easily go Gold (500,000 records sold) by February. 

Between all of the sold-out concerts and appearances on talk shows, Dixon found some time to put together this album and it hasn’t disappointed me the least bit.

The mix of songs on this record should impress anyone that listens to it, not based merely on the message that he relays through his music, but because it’s good music. It has that authentic Pop Rock feel, while staying to true to his positive message. 

This album is one of the bigger releases, so it’s a definite “must” to check out. The full review on this album will be coming soon!


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