Colorado Music | What are you listening to?

Colorado has a vast variety of musicians to listen to, but what artist has really caught your attention? We are on a journey to discover everything there is to discover in Colorado, musically.

From musicians like The Fray, OneRepublic and Gungor, to The Lumineers, Tyler Ward and Roo and The Howl, Colorado is really pumping out talented musicians who are quickly on the rise, but there’s also some great bands/musicians who are in the early stages and are starving for some exposure. Well, here’s their chance and you can be a part of it all!

Here’s my email: felix@pueblopulp.com

Here’s my Twitter: @FazeisFamous

If you’re a band and want me to give your latest music a listen, then just simply email me or shoot me a tweet. Are you a fan and you heard something that was really good? Then, just write me. As a collective, I know we can really gather up Colorado’s finest and I can put it out there for everybody to hear.

I’ll add on some new information soon, but get started and let me know what’s been blessing your headphones.

I can’t wait to hear from you all soon!

– Felix Cordova | Music Editor 

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