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El Pueblo History Museum explores how changing national sovereignty impacted the Southwest with poet, Emmy Pérez.

With River on Our Faces by Emmy Pérez
"Emmy Pérez’s poetry collection With the River on Our Face flows through the Southwest and the Texas borderlands to the river’s mouth in the Rio Grande Valley/El Valle. The poems celebrate the land, communities, and ecology of the borderlands through lyric and narrative utterances, auditory and visual texture, chant, and litany that merge and diverge like the iconic river in this long-awaited collection."
The Borderlands Lecture Series:
The stories told in the Borderlands of Southern Colorado exhibit are getting richer. Join authors, artists, scholars, and activists from around the country this fall for the Borderlands of Southern Colorado lecture series as they deepen discussions an complicate narratives on various Borderlands topics. All talks are free and open to the public.

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