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It seems like Colorado music is starting to gain some buzz and this year’s SXSW festival made quite a few Colorado bands SXSW official. On top of the official SXSW stages, there were surrounding venues that put Colorado bands on the lineup for the March lineup during SXSW. OpenAir, Reverb and Spokebuzz teamed up and put together a Colorado Music Party. They asked the best Colorado musicians to attend and rock the stage in Austin, Texas.

The Colorado Music Party was put together to make sure Colorado wasn’t left out of the SXSW fest and it worked out great.

The Colorado musicians who were made SXSW official were Roo & the Howl, Little Fyodor, Primitive Man, Inner Oceans, CurlyOne, Rose Quartz, You Me & Apollo, Tennis, StaG, Gungor, and Wheelchair Sports Camp. Congrats to those musicians for making the SXSW lineup and also being asked to play for the Colorado Music Party.

I could list all of the bands that played every where else around SXSW, but the list would go on and on. The list would consist of nearly 60 groups and musicians that are Colorado natives. There were a few musicians and groups that played more than once, and it was quite the tiring schedule for some, but that means plenty of exposure.

Roo and the Howl was among the groups that played more than once, landing on the lineup four different times. They played at two official SXSW stages and played two gigs on one day. Their unique style and creative sound made them SXSW official, and they are definitely worth looking up if Roo & the Howl is a new name to you. It’s a surprising breath of fresh air to the folk-rich music scene in Colorado.

Roo and the Howl will be releasing it’s debut album on April 15.

Next up, we have You Me & Apollo. This group is also SXSW official, by playing on two official SXSW stages and playing a total of 4 shows. This is another band that is more than worth finding online. Apollo’s most recent album was more than a year ago, but the band could be in the process of recording right now. Listening to this group will only surprise you with how good they are.

Then there’s Ark Life, who seems to not have been asked to play on any official SXSW stages, but played around the festival at six different venues, including the Colorado Music Party. Ark Life’s Rocky Mountain high Soul and Rock & Roll is quite the delight and quite the local find. They’ve released a few songs, but they are in the works to release their debut album. So, be on the lookout for this highly anticipated release.

Gungor was another favorite, who played four times while also playing on an official SXSW stage and the Colorado Music Party.

Last, but not least, Rob Drabkin played at the festival four times, but got snubbed from the SXSW official stages. The singer/songwriter did get to play at the Colorado Music Party.

For the music reviews on the artists that had recent albums, just follow the links below:


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