Colbie Caillat | Gypsy Heart – New Sound Music Review

Colbie Caillat, in an attempt to completely move on to Pop music, has released her new album, Gypsy Heart. This album might not be your cup of tea, but there’s an explanation for what she was going for on this album. From mid 2013 to now, a lot has happened to her.

“To be told that your work isn’t good enough — to do better, to be more like those pop artists out there that dress sexy and use Auto-tune on their voices — to be compared to someone so different, it hurt,” Colbie Caillat said, in a recent interview with Billboard.

A lot of her fans and music critics have expressed that her music had grown boring over the past few years, so her label grew concerned. In an effort to reinvent an image for her, they sat her down and told her she needed to create something different for this album or they wouldn’t release her album.

On the track, “Try,” she took a stab at her label and the music industry. She talks about having to be pretty and fake in order to be accepted in society. It’s a bold move by Caillat and the track actually got the attention she wanted. The video went viral and she didn’t have to compromise anything musically in return.

Usually, her music is kind of Folky, with just vocals layered on guitar, but this album is much different. There’s a lot more to the instrumental on this one. It’s almost full-blown Pop, but that’s because she had to give her label what they wanted.

I absolutely suggest this album to those who love Colbie Caillat. It might not be classic Caillat, but it’s a breath of fresh air.


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