Clean Bandit | New Eyes – UK Funk Music Review

The British Electro Pop group, Clean Bandit, is a melting pot of culture and music from all over the world. With a combined effort from the Clean Bandit musicians, producers and other musicians from all over the world, the New Eyes album is an interesting product.

You’ll get a taste of classical, Hip-Hop, Pop, and House with a squeeze of alternative flavor. It’s kind of shocking how different the group was actually able to be, because it seemed as if everything had already been done.One weird fact about the group is that they actually crafted ideas for their music videos before they started writing the song, so they initially intended on making music videos for every song on the album. It’s an interesting idea when approaching music and I’m surprised it turned out so well.

The album is pretty good, but the album in its entirety can not live up to what they were able to do on “Rather Be.” It features a British songwriter, Jess Glynne, and her vocals are pretty much better than I have ever heard out of her, given that I actually haven’t heard much out of her, but it was a fantastic showcase of vocal talent.

Usually, the group will electrify the entire song with heavy synth, lay in some hard hitting bass lines with House plucks and make sure it has that dance vibe, but the crazy part is that’s only half of the job. They search for talented vocalists and even feature producers from different genres.

The next song that makes my playlist would have to be “Extraordinary,” because it has every component it takes to make a club hit. It has Sharna Bass, who has a beautiful voice and then the Clean Bandits made such a great instrumental. The song has bits of classical elements because of the violin plucks during the chorus and, instead of synth strings, the group laid in real time violin players. It’s also another reason this album caught my attention, as well as millions of others on the internet.

For many of our readers, they are probably going to have never heard of this group, but it’s time to give something new a chance. Peep the album. It’ll definitely have something you like. Whether it’s the guest features or the Clean Bandits House beats, there’s going to be something that will draw you in and that’s what makes this album a must-listen.

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