Chromeo | White Women – Funky Music Review

Chromeo has returned and they have found a way to bring the party with them. Their album, White Women, is full of ‘80s club hits and the funny thing is, their music was recorded 9 months ago.

That’s what Chromeo is known for, their unique style and determination to not change for anybody. When the duo formed, they made a commitment to keep their love for Funk alive and they continue to bring the heat.

Just so that you know, the hottest tracks on the album are at the end. “Frequent Flyer” and “Fall Back 2 U,” are the two tracks that will have you pop-locking and dancing on the ceiling like you’re Turbo from the movie Breakin’. Not everyone knows that reference, but once you look it up on Youtube, you’ll understand the true origin of where the inspiration for this music was drawn from.

Even though this style of music might be out of place within the music industry, many people will still support it and especially if it’s good. So, there’s no worries here. The sound does get a bit tedious as the tracklist plays on, but it’s not really an album you have to play all the way through. Just play a few tracks now and the rest can be played later. The album doesn’t get old, because it’s already old.

The only thing to really watch out for is playing the songs too much. Their hit “Jealous,” was awesome the first couple of times I heard it, but it got tiring once they started playing it on the radio, so just keep that in mind.

The entire feel of the album is authentic and true to the Funky Disco era. They might just be making the music for fun, but it’s actually all well thought out. The classic chord progressions, the fast punch of synth and the reverbed guitar riffs make it all worth it once you finally hit play. From beginning to end, it’s a really fun album and should only be taken lightly. Don’t go in trying to be a critic with this one, because it will take all of the fun out of it.

They definitely put the fun in Funk. For those who are really impressed with what they hear, look up some older tracks that they have done and it’ll be completely obvious why they have gained much popularity in the last few years.

No one has to necessarily buy this album, but it’s more than worth it if you do decide to.

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