Christina Perri – Head or Heart | Music Review

Christina Perri

Head or Heart


Christina Perri has returned with her sophomore album and it seems her music has lost some steam since her debut album, two years ago. Head or Heart, just like her Lovestrong album, had a huge hit on it, but it wasn’t enough to carry the whole album.

With only one guest feature on the album, it was left up to Perri to make this album enjoyable, but she wasn’t quite the show stopper that she was on her hit single, “Human.” Surprisingly, she incorporated an Indie feel on some of her tracks like, “I Don’t Wanna Break” and “Be My Forever,” which features Ed Sheeran. So, overall, I think there was a little bit of confusion of what sound she was going for.

Though the songs weren’t of the caliber that I expected, she is still a great vocalist. The album lacked a theme and it lacked direction, but her singing is always great. This is a situation where simply just being a great vocalist wasn’t enough to carry the album. The sad thing is that all of the promotion actually built up a lot of anticipation, especially when she released “Human.” People thought the album would reflect the efforts put into her single, but it’s a much different response.

It’s been mixed emotions over the new album, because people couldn’t figure what was bad about it. Is it the lack of emotion? Is it the lack of direction? I don’t feel it was anything specifically, but she didn’t rub any of her charm off on this one. Her dark and emotional vocals didn’t play a factor in her list of moves this time around and it might have cost her a winning move.

I’m not saying the album was terrible, but it wasn’t something that I would go shout out into the streets for people to go buy. In this day and age, people choose what CDs they buy wisely, and this won’t be one of them. Better luck next time Christina.


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