Chewing The Fat (with glasses): A Conversation with John Bueno

PULP: Since the Fat With Glasses comic book is largely based on the things you witness on a day-to-day basis, is there any correlation between your music and the comic book?

J.B: Yeah, if anything, there is a small correlation. They are pretty much the same topics that make it in. Fat With Glasses is probably a little more humor-based and anything I write [musically] seems to be a little bit more serious, but they get pulled from the same places.

PULP: Has working at the Pawn Shop influenced your music as much as it has influenced your comic book?

J.B: Yeah, totally…for one thing I get ridiculous deals on instruments. I also see the unfortunate side of being on the low end of the economy. It’s pretty rough for a lot of people.

PULP: How, if at all, has Pueblo shaped your art and music?

J.B: It’s its own beast. I think you learn a really hard work ethic being from here because we have to go at it twice as hard for half the recognition that a lot of bigger bands get. For me [Pueblo] is a continuing source of inspiration for a bunch of different reasons.

PULP: So you are more of a dig-your-heels-in type artist, and not the move-on-to bigger-and-better-things-in-Denver type?

J.B: At some point, everyone that lives here has one of those “This isn’t big or exciting enough and I’m going to go elsewhere [moments],” but at some point I just said to myself that I would love to see Pueblo through for as long as I could… to try and do what I can with it. Every year, to me, it gets continually better and more interesting. Every year more great things happen here.

PULP: Having survived the last apocalypse, what are your plans for 2012?

J.B: First off, I am not buying anybody presents because it’s pointless. I guess, before this next apocalypse I’d like to go on tour a few more times. I’d like to put out another American Mourning record, and I’d like to put out some sort of solo effort. And, who knows, I’d like to come out with another issue of Fat With Glasses or something similar.

PULP: That was supposed to be my last question. Thanks for ruining it, John.

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