Catfish and the Bottlemen | The Balcony – Editor’s Choice Music Review

Introducing Catfish and the Bottlemen. Coming all the way from North Wales, the Welsh Indie Rock band is joining the other million bands in an effort to make a name for themselves. With a very straight forward sound, the band’s lyrics and style are raw and unedited. Their explicit debut album, The Balcony, was actually surprisingly good.

Van McCann, lead vocalist, brings a sense of swagger to the music that adds to the authenticity of the Rock music these guys are trying to make. It’s an older sound of Rock that a lot of people are going to like, once they discover this up and coming band.

Most of their songs, like “Homesick,” “Rango” and “Kathleen,” are trending in the UK, but they are starting to gain a little buzz in the states.

The one song that wasn’t on the UK charts was “Sidewinder,” and I can’t understand why it isn’t. It’s the best crafted song on the album. It has great instrumentality that only adds to the character of the album and the vocals are top notch. The catchy tune has more of an old Rock feel, which is why the Indie crowd was hesitant to catch on to the tune, but that doesn’t justify why people weren’t impressed with what they were able to create.

I was very impressed with the entire album. From the first song to the last, it was creativity through the roof.

The album starts off with “Homesick,” which is probably the song that has gained them the most buzz. It’s radio friendly and has a very catchy melody. It’s hard to listen to the song without getting the chorus stuck in your head. That’s the key to making a hit song.

The catchiest and edgiest song on the track list would be “Kathleen.” They implemented a lot of simple rhythms and that’s makes the melody so easy to sing a long with. It’s the same case with their song, “Fallout.” There songs were made more for singing or humming along. It’s a good way to go.

They had such a great selection of songs that it’s hard to pick my favorite one. It’s safe to say that I was pleased with every single song, so anyone that likes Indie Rock will absolutely fall in love with this debut by Catfish and the Bottlemen.

The writing was great, the instrumentation was good and the vocals were great, so I don’t see why anyone would want to pass on giving this band a try. I’m definitely telling everyone to at least listen to one song. You won’t be sorry.

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