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Can Pueblo become a regional passenger hub?

City planner says Puebloans must get onboard now for possible future as a passenger rail hub.

What will Pueblo look like in the future? More high-rise apartment buildings within the city limits, more pedestrian-friendly streets, and a possible trolley system – all in preparation for the city becoming a regional rail transportation center – or so is the vision of Bart Mikitowicz.

Mikitowicz, a city of Pueblo urban planner, emphasized that Pueblo must start building inward now in anticipation of the coming of Amtrak’s Southwest Chief, which might be rerouted starting at La Junta then west to Pueblo and then south to Trinidad, and the Front Range Rail, a proposed north-south passenger train route from Fort Collins to Trinidad.

“To quote Thomas Edison, ‘Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits,’” Mikitowicz said. “While we wait, we could be doubling efforts to increase infill redevelopment and high-density mixed residential development in the urban areas connected to our existing transit system and commercial corridors. We'd also want to continue to ratchet up the walkability of our pedestrian/tourist/civic/entertainment corridors.”

The first step

So what does Mikitowicz believe will be the first step toward Pueblo reaching its goal of becoming a regional transportation center? He thinks the city must educate its citizens about how passenger rai…

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The first step

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The trains

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Can Pueblo become a regional passenger hub?
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