Calvin Harris | Motion – EDM Music Review

For the last couple of years, people have been really excited about EDM, but Calvin Harris did a really poor job this time around. It doesn’t sound any different from his last stuff, so it didn’t sound very original. The album, Motion, did have its moments, but it didn’t completely sell me on buying it.

Other than, “Summer,” I had a hard time connecting with the music. There was no continuity with the tempo or pulse of the music, so that’s why a lot of people won’t be impressed with the overall album.

So, if this album doesn’t do well on the charts, it’ll be because it’s unoriginal, but I’m sure the couple of hits he has will be enough to get record sales.

Outside of the record, Harris also got turned down by Rihanna to work on a song for her new album, so now he has something to prove with this album. The sad part is, he didn’t see all of this coming, so I don’t think the album does that. A majority of the sounds were very, very bland and was missing that wow factor.

It’s weird, because Harris holds the record for having the most top ten hits from one studio album on the UK Singles Chart, even surpassing Michael Jackson, and this doesn’t sound like the same producer. I don’t think that my liking for EDM is wearing thin, so Harris has some reinventing to do.

The worst song on the album would have to be, “Open Wide,” with Big Sean. Not only is the beat lame, the verse by Big Sean is more annoying than interesting. Big Sean’s ideas for music has been completely unoriginal and inappropriate, because he can’t do any other kind of style.

It’s a bummer when you can’t rely on EDM to be good anymore, but there are still a few other albums that could save the year, because Harris didn’t do anything to help.

The problem here is, it’s too easy for Harris, so he didn’t do anything to be creative. As a producer, he does a good job when it involves another feature artist, but this album didn’t display that skill. That was very surprising.

So, I’m not suggesting this as a Christmas gift to your best friend. You could go without listening to this album, especially because you have probably already heard “Summer” a million times on the radio anyway.

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