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Britney Jean

RCA Records

Britney Spears has been around for a long time and she’s not going anywhere soon.  Having said that, I wasn’t surprised to find out she has come out with yet another album.  Britney has taken self-titled albums to a whole new level dubbing her eighth studio release Britney Jean, which is the star’s first and middle name.  Right off the bat, two of the singles on Britney Jean blew up, in a good way.

“Work Bitch” was the first single to be released from this album and with good reason. This song is superior to the remaining 9 tracks (or 13 if you’re listening to the deluxe version). It has a great beat that drives the song, her vocals are spot on in harmonizing with the music and the lyrics really make you want to get stuff done. The second for this album is “Perfume.” Coincidentally, this also happens to be the second single released from Britney Jean.

Perfume, the album’s second single, talks about Britney dousing herself in perfume, having fun with her cheating boyfriend, then sending him on his way so his mistress can smell Britney’s perfume on his skin.  Admittedly, this is a terrible message, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

The album loses a lot when Britney’s sister Jaime Lynn arrives to accompany her big sister.  Jaime Lynn Spears simply does not have the talent Britney does and on the ninth track of this album, it shows in “Chillin’ with You.” The chorus is dry, while repeating “When I’m wit chu, I’m chillin’, I’m chillin’.” The lyrics are almost choppy and the beat is too simple and too slow. The tenth track, “Don’t Cry,” is pretty much the same—repetitive and dry. These songs aren’t completely obnoxious, but they aren’t on par with the rest of the album.

Overall, Britney Jean is a good album.. For the most part, it is upbeat and you can really jam out to it. To all you Britney fans, go buy it if you haven’t already. The rest of you might want to stream it before you buy it.

By Vera Coleman

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