Big K.R.I.T, | Cadillactica – Hit or Miss Music Review

In a year of let down with all of the nonsense that the Hip-Hop world has been pumping out, Big K.R.I.T. actually sounds good. Don’t mistake that as me hyping up the album though. His album, Cadillactica, is still mediocre, but it’s being judged on the standard that has been put in place throughout the last decade.

Does it stand alone as an album? It actually does, because there was some kind of substance to this album and, in comparison to other albums, it’s not the usual garbage that other rappers are putting together with no thought involved whatsoever. A lot of the fans buy albums now based on how exciting the album is and Krit definitely has some of that on this album. Southern club bangers, poetic punch lines and hard hitting bass will sell this album to the masses.

Early on, Krit has mentioned that he was having some issues with using samples, because, in the past, they had to be removed weeks before the final cut, so this time around he decided to only use three samples throughout the whole album.

So, once he moved on from that problem, Krit did something else very well. That would be, remaining socially conscious without jeopardizing the integrity of his Hip-Hop music. Outside of all of the curse words, he did a good job of avoiding to objectify women and he didn’t just continuously talk about how much money he has.

Everything went pretty well until the album hit “Third Eye,” because it was so boring.  This was more of a hiccup in the album, because for a 4-song span, the album went south. Even though he had some boring instrumentals throughout the album, this is where it was the worst. The feature artists were also pretty bad and that’s surprising, because Bun B is consist, but not this time around.

Nothing really stood out to me for me to go on a rant about how this album was the best album of the year, so I’m saying leave this one alone. It might make a good listen to someone who likes Southern Hip-Hop, but no one else will be impressed enough to buy it. Maybe next time Big K.R.I.T.

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