Beyonce – Beyonce | Album review


Columbia Records

This randomly released album (and brilliant marketing ploy) wasn’t a randomly put together album. Beyonce’s self-titled album gained buzz quickly as people hit iTunes to download the new album once they heard it was for sale. She wanted to see what she could do without any promotion and she managed to get waves of millions of eager fans willing to download her album.

Of course she had guest features from her friends like Frank Ocean and Drake, but she couldn’t go without featuring her husband, Jay Z, and her daughter Blue Ivy. This album offers some romance, some sensuality and some sexuality. Of course the sexual stuff is obvious, but it wasn’t overdone, but her willingness to be different was. Beyonce wanted to be different with her vocals, so sometimes the tonal quality of her voice was lost with a lack of chord work within her instrumentals, but for the most part it was good.

Similar to the sounds that Jay Z and Kanye West offered this year, Beyonce put together some instrumentals that had an edgy and futuristic sound. But, Beyonce managed to do something worth listening over the instrumentals. She even raps throughout the album and it was close to being better than the verse that Jay Z put down on “Drunk In Love.”

Beyonce’s past albums have always been about love, but this album progressively gets more and more explicit as you progress through the songs. “Partition” doesn’t even bother disguising the sex tone and lyrics. She pleads that the type of sexual girl you want is right here and she goes on to say the things she can do.

Beyonce has never given off the vibe that she’s a nympho, but now i’m starting to think she might be. The way she explains how she can ride a rocket and how shes willing to lay around naked with her man can tell a lot about a girl. The sexual category is a must with the newer generation and Beyonce found a way to successfully be named within it.

There isn’t an explicit warning on the album, but some parts of the album should have one. The whole album has a very adult sound and feel to it, but I still highly suggest you get a copy of the album.

By Felix Cordova (@FazeisFamous)

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