Battle of the Videos | Iggy or DJ Cassidy?

Iggy Azalea and DJ Cassidy’s hottest songs right now might not be completely new, but their music videos are and the question is, “Which one is better?”

Iggy’s “Fancy,” vs. DJ Cassidy’s “Calling All Hearts.”

Iggy’s video offers something that will be more appealing to men, which is her butt ,of course, and DJ Cassidy featured Jessie J and Robin Thicke. So far, Azalea’s video has a lot more views, but this could all change within the few days. Both of them offer a good song to go along with their video, but their videos are significantly different.

So who had the better video? Azalea had a better song and a better video, so I’m pretty sure most of you would agree with me! Azalea wins this one.

Check out the videos and let us know if you agree.

Iggy Azalea | “Fancy”

DJ Cassidy | “Calling All Hearts”

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