Bangers – Breathe Carolina | Local Album Review

Breathe Carolina, an electronic rock group based out of Denver, is going to be much different from now on. That’s because the co-founder and vocalist from the group has decided to leave and focus on his family. Though his departure was sudden, there was one last project that they wanted to put out. Bangers. The free EP, Bangers, was released through Epic Records, but it was used as a promotional download on solrepublic.com.

The band takes on many different styles and sounds throughout their records, but the group has an overall electronic sound, which is catchy. The smooth vocals and harmonies make it that much better, while there’s different lines of melody being programmed in by, keyboardist, Luis Bonet. It all comes to together very well. The lines of melody, placed in electronically, and the vocalists harmonizing with it gives a full sound that is pretty hard to not like.

Pop, Electronica, Dance, House, and Rock. Those are all the styles that you hear coming from this group. They are definitely good at making people dance.

“Mistakes,” is the highlight track, with it’s catchy and melodic lines throughout the entire song. It hints at Skrillex, having a very similar sound, and can get anyone to start nodding their head.

“Riots” and “Skeletons” are strong which makes Bangers EP a good candidate to download.

Their full-length album, Savages, will be released later in 2014.

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