Azure | Hiptronics – Foreign Music Review

This project started out as a few guys jamming together.Then a few jam sessions later, they decided it was a good idea to put together an album. They recorded their debut album, When She Smiles. The group has since evolved, leaving a few members behind, and the new and improved group has put together their second album, Hiptronics.

Groovier than ever, the group put together 13 tracks for the new album, and it’s a lot of funk and jazz smashed together into one huge funking cluster. Oh, and did I mention that the group is based out of the Netherlands? This Dutch group really brought the funk. Their music requires a certain musical taste, but that’s what makes the group unique. There are a few other similar musicians, like The Roots and Dassit, but it’s still a unique style of music. The group does what they do very well, and that’s make music.

Right off the bat, the CD intros with a flurry of jazzy melodies, then tops it off with an amazing trumpet solo by Rik Mol, who just happens to be based out of New York City. The song continues to dazzle with solos and great melody, but the best is yet to come.

The next song, Mosquito Massacre, is another highlight track, regardless of the bizarre name. Once again, the song is a string of groovy melodies topped off with amazing solos, but includes a much faster tempo and a rush of polyrhythm, which actually lends to the dizzying array of style that unfolds on the rest of the track. It’s about six minutes full of powerhouse playing and unbelievable talent.

Now, will this album be widely accepted? Yes, but only outside of the states, for now. The group is on tour for the rest of the year, and is planning on making a few stops in the U.S. So they can start getting pretty popular if they follow in the tracks of Snarky Puppy, in light of SP’s recent boost in popularity.

I suggest you listen to a track or two and decide for yourself, but it’s an impressive outing by the foreign group. It’s definitely something that American jazz musicians will love to hear. So, the group gets an A for their newest album and it’s a definite “Yes’”on the must-listens list for this summer. Peep it now!


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