August Burns Red | Found In Far Away Places – Editor’s Choice Album Review

Let me start off by saying that this is the best Metal/Rock album I have heard all year. Branching off from a group of bands that have went much softer from the metalcore and post-hardcore genres, August Burns Red keeps it pretty hardcore and filthy on the new album, Found In Far Away Places, and they stayed true to who they are during this new chapter.

On tracks like “Everlasting Ending” and “Broken Promises,” they keep it packed with rage and emotion. From the aggressive vocals, to the hard knocking drums, it’s as heavy as it gets and it’s great to hear the band experiment with their sound. Though the usual metal melody might not change the pace of the song, they do that exactly and slow down the tempo to really highlight the amazing guitar players that took part in this new project. Some metal tends to get messy, but this is such a clean cut for their first album on the new record label and it’s a good sign that there should be plenty of more great albums to come from these guys.

The guitar lines and riffs combine amazing melodies layered with harmonies and high distortion, making it a metal head’s dream come true. With a guest appearance from Paul Waggoner on “Everlasting Ending,” there’s a more complex and full sound during the melody and it gets exciting on the breakdown. A pretty change of pace takes place and it is absolutely soothing. It takes a break from the harcore and fast-paced Rock, so that the guitar can play a tantalizing solo melody while the rest of the band cuts out.

This was easily my favorite track on the album.

The whole album is pretty consistent when it comes to melody, because they provide this haunting atmosphere with their harmonized rollercoaster of guitar lines and the screaming vocals grab your attention. The intensity hits an all-time high and it never really lets the listener come down from this high. It might not be the best album to relax to, but it is a great album for when it’s time to do something energetic.

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