Ariana Grande | My Everything – Hot or Not Review

Of course, by now, the album has sold a million copies, but is it really good? Yes, it is, though it could be better, as she is still growing into her own style.

Torn between pop and R&B, she has really molded herself around what the industry wants her to be, but her best songs, like “Be My Baby,” have the better fit for her. She’s similar to Mariah Carey in vocal talent, but she could be a completely different singer if she could find her own niche.

The talented Grande has done so much since she first started her acting career, but now she has her chance to really make an impact as a singer. Her first album might have sold a lot, but it was a bust based on what she’s capable of, so a lot more is riding on this album.

My Everything, so far has had more of a stamp of approval, but it’s far from perfect.

The lyrics seemed a lot more hollow, mainly because she had somebody else write all of her lyrics, so things will start sounding a lot mor auhentic an genuine once she gains some freedom. You have to remember she hasn’t had much freedom to do what she wants for quite a few years now.

If she can really break free, she will create some real magic on her tracks. There are brief moments within the album when she really lets loose, and if she can really capture that, she’ll be unstoppable.

“Just a Little Bit of Your Heart,” really shows off her talent and that’s what she should have done on the whole album. Surprisingly, this track was very simplistic and allowed her to belt out the lyrics in a way you can really tell she means. The sad part is, the very next song, “Bang Bang,” is about her butt, and completely ruins the mood she had just set.

So, the album lacked focus because every song was written by a different composer and it didn’t stick to a theme at all. With time, maturity will catch up with her. She too good of a vocalist to only have four performances on her album. “Only 1,” “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart,” “Be My Baby” and “Break Free.”

Buy it? This time around, I’m saying no, but it takes a lot to win my approval these days. Buy it at your own risk.

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