April 2013

April 2013


PULP's Horoscopes for May 2013

It’s May the future is here. Horoscopes for May 2013 by Rebecca Vigil.

The Gun Law Package — How will the new proposals affect Colorado?

PULP breaks down what is contained in the Gun Law Package passed by Colorado.

The Civil Union Law — Understanding the fine print

On March 12th the Colorado General Assembly passed a bill that will allow any two unmarried adults, regardless of gender, to obtain a civil union and full access to the same legal that are awarded to spouses in a traditional “marriage”.

Lady at the OK Corral - Book Review

Lady at the OK Corral by Ann Kirschner attempts to bring Josephine out from behind Wyatt’s shadow.

May the flipper by with you | Star Wars Pinball - Game Review

Zen Studios creates magical nostalgia by combining two things (Pinball + Star Wars) and then throwing both at you, warp speed.

While April 1 should evoke a mandatory grin followed by a, “By-the-pecs-of-Poseidon, what’s that mega-crap on your shirrr – made ya look,” the scrolls of time tell us there were people who and events that replaced the frivolous, laid-back attitude that April Fools’ Day is celebrated for with the motivation to be forever recognized within the highest echelon of killjoys.

Profiles of our beloved supreme leaders - Kim Jong-Un, Paul Ryan and Chris Brown

Three men who want to rule the world and are the truest examples of what a supreme leader should be.

Her name is Lauretta Scapini, and she is the “she” of “that’s what she said.” I ask her the hard questions.

Dolly Parton's Double Death Feast | Blood Feast | Dolly's New Fake Album

Preconceptions are exactly what Dolly Parton has set her sights on to obliterate with her latest self-produced album, “Blood Feast.”  

Superstar Rihanna has paved new ground and expanded her empire into the literary sphere with the release of her first book, Relations by Rhi Rhi.