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Album Review: I Love You, It’s Cool – Bear in Heaven

I Love You It’s Cool

By Bear in Heaven

While there are a slew of synth-pop, and garage bands these days trying to convince us that they are rock gods under the cloak of reverb, there are very few that extract the massiveness and nostalgic feeling that the effect offers… without hiding behind it. Bear In Heaven drinks with temperance from the well of this tragically overused effect.

Soaked in synth-heavy reverb, the album, “I Love You, It’s Cool,” is a top-to-bottom journey through one of your weirder dreams. 


You begin this dream listening to Pink Floyd’s, “A Momentary Lapse of Reason,” with a woman named Eleanor. She looks like one of Robert Palmer’s back-up dancers. Reclining in an eighties-era apartment, you are surrounded by airbrushed portraits of women with cat-like make-up. Before you can ask yourself: “what am I doing here,” you realize that Eleanor has spiked your apple-flavored wine cooler with a dose of Ibogaine. There is no turning back now. You sink back in a plush zebra-print couch and the “I Love You, It’s Cool” experience unfolds.

In all fairness, what I am describing could be considered a nightmare for some people, but what sets “I Love You, It’s Cool” apart is its singular, though sometimes incongruent, sonic profile. In this album, Bear in Heaven is seemingly able to see both backward and forwards in time, marrying the sounds of Pink Floyd, and Pet Shop Boys with contemporaries like Phoenix, and Craft Spells. In short, Bear in Heaven’s music is outstanding enough to make you embarrass yourself by sensually dancing alone in a crowded room, yet, accessible enough to end up in a car commercial if they really wanted it to. The only way to really tell if “I Love You, It’s Cool” is for you is to give it a spin and see for yourself. 

Band: Bear In Heaven
Album: “I Love You, It’s Cool”
Release Date: 3 April 2012
Label: Eastern Developments Music

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