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       People in the 25-49 demographic are no longer consuming media in the “traditional” way. They’re seeking out their content to be delivered to them in an intuitive and inspiring way that matches pace with shorter news cycles and faster highways of information. Our readers are the Now Generation of movers and shakers who are driven by technology and progress, and the PULP is happy to serve their needs. These people range in age and lifestyle, but their common threads of intellect, vision, ideas, and a desire for a better future is what keeps them loyal to the PULP brand.

People are no longer buying the news anymore, but they will pick up the PULP. So, we use strategic drop-off locations, social media, and every tool we have that we know will engage readers. We are in some of the most prominent high foot-traffic locations in Southern Colorado. We deliver to retail shops where our demographic goes. These are some of our busiest locations: Chipotle, Old Chicago, Goodwill, Big R Store, Spanky’s Liquor, & all libraries.

Come be a part of the PULP by advertising your business in Southern Colorado’s preeminent paper. Whether you are a mom-and-pop store, a non-profit, a national chain or anything in-between, we have the most competitive rates, making PULP the most effective way to reach 25-49 year-olds in all price ranges. You, our advertisers, help fulfill our content vision each month, all while the PULP gives you exposure, engagement, and credibility.

  • 200+ locations targeting 25-49!
  • 14,000 print impressions
  • 15 cities
  • 5 counties
  • place to get cost effective ad rates!

PULP Original. Amazing.


If you’re interested in learning more about advertising your business in The PULP, please contact:

Shane Smith | [email protected] 

719-543-7220 Ext. 2

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Local and independent journalism is under threat in the West and you can change that.  With corporate raiders slashing newsrooms across the West, the PULP is one of the "Last Locals" in Colorado to produce original, compelling journalism missing in today's profit hungry world. But that costs money, time and hard work. We don't believe in spamming you with ads and that's why we need your help.

For every contribution, we put 100% back into producing original and amazing journalism. That's a promise only a local and independent newsroom can promise. Take heart because you will fuel stories just like this one and the future of journalism.


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