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Let's tell a better story for Colorado.

PULP is a monthly, independent newspaper serving the Southern Rockies and Western Plains. PULP is unlike any newspaper you have seen before, to turn tourists into locals and locals into tourists. It's a mix of a traditional monthly magazine, news, arts and culture and a narrative only we can deliver.

PULP reaches a group of people that other print publications in the region cannot penetrate. People under 55 are engaging with our content on a monthly basis and we know that our audience is wanting more. 

Print Demographics 

Main Audience: 25-49 yrs

55% women - 45% men

200+ Locations

13 cities and 7 counties.

10,000 print impressions

Digital Demographics 

Main Audience: 25-34 yrs

58% women - 42% men

12k+ Reach 

5k+ Views

300+ Interactions / Engagements