A Lot of Love — and Questions — for the Colorado State Fair

Will unified support for the Southern Colorado attraction be enough to make it successful?

A ferris wheel at the Colorado State Fair (PULP Image)
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There are some cultural debates that will never fade in Colorado: whether IPAs are actually good, which ski pass is the best and why the Colorado State Fair is located in Pueblo, two hours south of the state’s largest metropolitan area.

“Not only does it help drive our local and regional economy, but it celebrates our state’s rich agricultural history and rural lifestyle,” said Pueblo state Sen. Leroy Garcia, following a proclamation he signed designating the period between August 23, 2019 and September 3, 2019 as Colorado State Fair Week.

Garcia was acting as governor while both Gov. Jared Polis and Lt. Gov. Diana Primavera were out of state on business. His support of the fair is one that’s become expected, especially as the week-long event approaches along with skepticism from naysayers of the Southern Colorado location.

The Colorado State Fair will return to Pueblo for its 147th year at the end of August, despite those near-constant questions of whether it belongs there and if it has a chance of moving.

For years, Denver metro Republicans have called for moving the Colorado State Fair to somewhere near Denver, claiming that a location in a more populated area would bring in more visitors and thu…

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A Lot of Love — and Questions — for the Colorado State Fair
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