A Karmic Konnection

Thompson, who considers herself an eternal student, has amassed books, essential oils, herbs, candles, crystals, angels and other items to serve the needs of Pueblo’s diverse faithful. Shoppers can find books from the Hindu faith, Buddhist tradition, and books with topics as varied as the life of Jesus to pagan rituals. Native Americans will also find items appropriate to their traditions. What shoppers won’t find in her boutique are items with a dark element. “I wanted this to be a store of light,” she said, adding that every item and book is carefully chosen to ensure that desire. “I don’t want the dark in here.”

After years of soul-searching that led her to study a variety of faiths, Thompson said she finally decided to open her shop and share that knowledge with others. “What better way to learn it than to live it,” she said of quitting her accounting job to surround herself with the spiritual. From her first vision of her shop to bringing the store to fruition took less than two months. “Everything just fell into place,” she said. “I feel like this is what I’m meant to do.”

Of course she admits she’s no expert. “There are so many philosophies, theologies and resources for people to explore and learn,” she said. “If I don’t know the answer I tell my clients ‘let’s pull out the books and look it up.”

Thompson plans to remodel the backroom of her shop to make room for classes and seminars. She’s met people in the community who are eager to share Tarot and palm readings, past-life regression techniques, seminars on healing and Reiki. “In these times, people are wondering ‘what’s going to happen?” She said she wants the shop to be a place where people can come to be comforted. “This place is so uplifting. I love coming here everyday.”

A teacher of American tribal belly dancing, she said she plans to carry belly dancing supplies in the near future. She said she chose Union Avenue because of the resurgence of energy in the historic district. “There are so many diverse shops,” she said. “Union has become a very–kind of spectacular place. For people looking to buy unique gift items this is the place to be.”

The Karmic Konnection is located at 213

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