A Farm on Union

Musso-Marino said the new business was a natural extension of her family’s farm and other businesses. Her father, Carl Musso, owns Musso Farm in Vineland. She said having a downtown outlet for the family’s products will increase sales for everything that carries the family name. She plans to carry vegetables grown at Musso Farm as they come into season.

Musso-Marino chose Union Avenue because of its proximity to the historic Arkansas River walk. “This location was the closest I could get to being on the walk itself.” She said increased traffic from the river walk and improvements being made in the area were a big deciding factor in choosing where to put her business. Events such as the Chile and Frijoles Festival, the Wild Wild West Festival and the HARP farmer’s market help to drive business into the historic district. Since her family already participates in all of those events, she said it made sense to have a home-base in the area. “I think we’re going to love being this close (to the events),” she said. The family’s farmer’s market booth is set up just around the corner from the shop during the summer months. She said filling the booth with her pastas, jams and other products will be easier now.

While Musso-Marino said she doesn’t have a marketing degree to help her figure out what’s best for her business, she follows her instinct and listens to input from customers that have been supporting her family for going on three generations. “You want to know the best teacher for marketing,” Carl Musso said. “It’s the public. Listen to the public and you’ll do just fine.”

Musso’s Italian Market & Deli is located at 105 S. Union Ave. The shop is open Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information call 719-544-1734 or visit Facebook at the Musso’s Italian Market & Deli page.

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