Editorial: News shouldn’t just tell you what you want to hear

We are not here to manipulate the facts to fit our version of a story. The facts should not reinforce our idea of the world, and then we print them as truths. 

PULP started out this month asking one simple question: how did Victor Head and Pueblo Freedom and Rights get this far? Any good journalist should want to know the real answers to why, how, when as well as to develop an understanding of the group. Yet, what we read and watched was the blame game, from the NRA to Chicago, and our answer was never found. 

We focused on the money for one simple reason:  nothing else matters, now. The money has turned this election about a debate on the recall and guns to the absolute unadulterated money grab that is played at the expense of voters and campaigners. 

Let’s start at the end, not with the results, but with faith in the results. At the PULP we have no doubt County Clerk Gilbert Ortiz will run a good, fair election. We also know that DA Jeff Chostner will prosecute, to the fullest extent of the law, any improprieties that are found. 

It’s not the final tally with which we are worried.  We are concerned that the losing side will always be able to point to the money and say, “That’s why we lost.” 

No one wants to hear that the money in this election changed how viable both recall groups were and if Morse and Giron were viable candidates against the recall. 

No one wants to hear the most grassroots and viable campaign was Pueblo Freedom and Rights. We looked into the money and, while this group did receive outside help, Victor Head was told by the Basic Freedom Defense Fund that he was on his own. This allowed him to have the mentality that he’s all alone and no one will help him. That created a campaign that was isolated on some level from BFDF and was the most likely to get enough signatures to start the recall election. 

On the other side, it is unlikely the BFDF, which is essentially the El Paso Freedom Defense Committee, would have caused a recall election if it were not for early outside money that “paid for signatures.”

The NRA doesn’t want to hear that the Democrats finally have the guts to fund a gunfight. That’s what this is and, for the last 25 years, the NRA has been able to scare Democrats into submission. Democrats sent you, NRA, a message:  they are going to stop bringing their wiffle ball bats. 

No liberal wants to hear that you can’t go around blaming the NRA when over $2.0 million was given to your side. That’s the money we could track. It will be higher. Bloomberg saved you and you know it. 

At the end of this campaign, both sides don’t want to hear us say, “And so, what now?”

People can say, well, BFDF, Victor Head and the bunch are just malcontents who whined about not getting their way. Yes, the public shouldn’t recall someone every time a minority group doesn’t get its way. I would agree with you fully except for the fact that PFR got 12,000 or so signatures. It’s really hard to make the malcontent argument after the 11,999th signature. That’s almost full capacity at Dutch Clark for the Bell Game.

The final thing I want to leave you with is this. In reading the hundreds of AR15.com posts from the Pueblo Freedom and Rights Group and the messages from Sen. Angela Giron, you both complain about the money and the other side was bought. 

Are you going to come together on campaign finance reform? Victor is your recall group and Senator Giron your campaign, regardless of the outcome, going to step up, work together and say to others like Garcia, Navarro-Ratzlaff, Grantham, and Crowder and the Colorado State Legislature  “We want campaign finance reform or we are going to recall you.”

If we had a real money fight, that fight would make this gunfight look like a child hugging a teddy bear.

What has been lost and what we needed the most was for Colorado to come to a consensus on how the state balances public safety with the ownership of guns — sacrifices and compromises have to be made in a Democracy. And, what did we do about murder control? That was the real reason the State Legislature brought the gunfight to the CO corral.

by John Rodriguez | @johnmrod

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