Comic Brian Regan talks about stuff — Pizza toppings, Nick Cage and telling jokes to the beer line

Photo Brian Regan 
Photo Brian Regan 

Brian Regan is a funny man. He makes a living touring the country, performing at sold-out venues regularly and telling jokes that are both hilarious and relatable.

His favorite comedians include Jerry Seinfeld and Maria Bamford, who are able to find humor in the most mundane of situations.

His favorite pizza is topped with pepperoni and sausage, a timeless classic.

His favorite Nicholas Cage movie is whichever one he saw being filmed while staying in Las Vegas. “I can’t remember the name of it,” Regan said. “But it had something to do with flying Elvis’s.”

And, he’s recorded several successful albums and comedy specials.

Brian Regan’s 2010 album recording shows in Salt Lake City, Utah, set a record by selling out for five consecutive nights, according to his website.

He has been seen on Comedy Central, The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show and more. Now, the comic heralded for his side-splitting, workplace-friendly jokes is bringing his act to Pueblo.

Brian’s stand-up topics have included stories from losing the spelling bee on purpose as a kid, to watching a horse with no jockey win a race, to people misusing the phrase “Einstein”.

The tactics Regan uses to write his jokes are often impromptu. “I don’t really have a ritual,” Regan said. “I just let the mood hit me. It’s easier for me if I just notice, see or experience something.”

The impressive thing about Regan’s joke writing is that he often tries to work out and develop new ideas for the first time whenever he goes on stage. Regan said he tapes most of his shows so that he knows what he needs to work on, and often writes new jokes while watching tape on the tour bus.  

Regan got his start in comedy while attending college after encouraging suggestions from coaches, teachers and friends. Regan would regularly try to perform at events on campus, and once performed at a college bar in front of friends and classmates, who made things bit more difficult.

“When you do comedy, you tend to bend the truth a little bit,” Regan said. “I would say things like ‘I was on the bus this morning’, and my friends would shout out ‘Uh, no you weren’t’.”  

Brian’s first gig at a comedy club came after an audition in Ft. Lauderdale in his home state of Florida. Early on in his career, Regan had a simple goal: to make $100 telling jokes. Earning that amount would give him enough capital for two priorities for a college-aged youth.

“That would be enough for drinks and a hotel room,” Regan said, chuckling. “I still haven’t done that.”

His early shows in Florida were not without their (humorous) obstacles. Regan recalls doing one show at a college that was offering beer to the students in attendance through a lone keg at one side of the room.

“They only allowed people to get one beer at a time,” Regan said. “So people would get their beer, and then go right to the back of the line again.”

“Not a single person was in their seat. I did the whole show to a line of kids waiting for a beer.”

Regan has since endured a string of success, performing across the country and on television screens regularly. Of all the places he has performed, he noted that one of his favorite memories was performing on the iconic Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  

“Every comedian wanted to be on that show,” Regain explained. “I had sort of resigned to the fact that I never would, until I auditioned one day and got a shot to do it. I felt grateful for the opportunity.”

One of Regan’s favorite co-workers is Massachusetts native Bill Burr. “Bill has a way of hitting the stage, and hitting the audience, with stuff that you normally wouldn’t think of,” Regan said. One of Brian’s favorite bits is one in which Burr explains the intended use of lotion in a witty “shouting” delivery that has become Burr’s signature style.

Now a widely successful comic, Regan has his sights set on a television show based on how he thinks as a stand-up comedian.

“I would love to give that a shot; to have a television show and executives that say ‘We’ll stay out of your hair,’” Regan said. “The problem is it never really works that way.”

While Regan is a famous and successful comedian, he also stays up on the current issues that everyone experiences.

For example, when it comes to placing the toilet paper on the roll, Regan prefers it to roll over the top. “Coming toward you, like Niagra Falls,” Regan explained. “It’s more natural that way.”

He also heeds warnings to those wishing to order one of the pepperoni and sausage pizzas he so enjoys. “Sometimes the pizza label will say ‘s-a-u-s and p-e-p-p’, and the pizza maker will put peppers on it instead. I hate peppers.”

Regan will be performing in Pueblo for the first time ever Thursday, August 8 at Memorial Hall. The show begins at 7 p.m. and tickets can be purchased through his website brianregan.com.


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