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Day 2

We don't awake until after noon. After reviewing my schedule for the day and a map, I make a plan for where to look for parking. We get up and run out the door in record time, covered in sunscreen and wearing comfortable shoes, packing a small backpack with snacks, money, id, sunglasses, camera. Bikes are loaded in the car and we're off, Carl to work, and me to my first venue, La Zona Rosa to see the band fun. It's a day party- free, unofficial, and free food and drinks. I arrive on foot, as I've scored a $20 parking space 2 blocks away. The line stretches a block long, I can't hear the current band, but there's 5 on the listing. An hour in line and closer to the entrance, the two girls behind me start asking themselves if they should just leave. One calls off work. And then, free steak queso over chips gets passed out along the line, and everyone is happy again. Free shampoo samples, beer koozies and several fliers follow. I'm pretty intrigued by the band that's playing inside: poppy and synth-heavy Geographer, sounding similar to Passion Pit. Another half hour and the line moves quickly, Geographer finishes, and a whole group of people leave. At capacity, one-in/one-out means a bunch of people can finally go in now.

These are the true fans, my fellow music addicts. We're all here for the same reason. Numerous people look like someone else I know. Many look like they could be famous musicians or producers, and probably are. People watching becomes overwhelming in short time- dizzying array of colors and graphics. Bodies are canvased with badges, wristbands, camera straps. Everyone is beautiful and enthusiastic, despite the muggy heat and traffic. They end with the popular catchy tune "We Are Young." The 45 minute set is only marginally worth the double wait time, as I'm pretty worn out. If everything I want to see goes like this, there's no way I'll have enough energy to see 6 sets a day at different locations.

I walk back to the car and unload my bike for the downhill jaunt to the next venue on my schedule, a mile away. I'm excited to see inside all of these memorably-named venues. I lock up my bike across the street, arriving at the time Poli

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