World is Waking EP – Unspoken | Album Review

Inspired to preach the word of God and motivated to revolutionize the Christian music world, Unspoken has been quite outspoken in this area. Four men just happen to run into each other along their journeys through life and now have decided to come together to make music.

It’s only been a year since their first EP Get To Me dropped and now they are able to put together a 5 song CD before they start their summer tour. Even though it might have been quicly put together, you still get great quality of music. Great vocals, outstanding instrumentation and thoughtful lyrics are the treats you get when you listen to this CD.

Their music is inspirational, truly spiritual and creatively expresses their connection with God. Songs like “Bury the Workmen” help educate you about the stories in the Bible and songs like, “Walking Away” express what it’s like to be in a position where you have to walk away from the things in life that might be bad for you.

Chad Mattson, lead singer, lived a partially spiritual life until he went on a missions trip to the Dominican Republic and met Mike Gomez, who later on became the group’s guitarist. The two new band mates started to tour and along the way they met the rest of the members, like Jon Lowry, who knew Matt and just so happened to know how to play the bass guitar. They later ran into Ariel Munoz, who was born in Puerto Rico and the band was finally complete.

It has now been exactly a year since they released their widely accepted debut single “Who You Are” and their fan base has grown from a few hundred to over a hundred thousand. Though they might not be going platinum any time soon, I still think they have a story that should be heard and the best part is that it can be heard through their music.

That leads me to their best song on the album, Lift My Life Up. You can feel their struggle, you can feel the power of worship and it’s the first time that a Christian song can appeal to groups of people outside of the christian music world. One listen to this track and it’ll have you inspired. 

Unspoken has also opened up for groups like Casting Crowns, Third Day and TobyMac, which are all Christian music giants. This is the just the tip of the iceberg of success this group will have.

The overall album is fantastic and highly suggested to who ever enjoys good music.

— Felix Cordova

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