7/10: The Hash Smokers 4/20

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If you haven’t been an avid smoker over the last few years, you may have completely missed the concentrate craze that has suddenly swept the recreational cannabis industry.

The process involves extracting highly concentrated amounts of THC from whole plant and flower material. Hash, dabs, shatter, oil and wax are all different forms of these concentrates, and the market for them has skyrocketed over the past few years.

While Hash is nothing new in the stoner community, the technology to extract it is better than ever and the final product results are on a whole new level.

In 2013, July 10 (7/10) was dubbed the hash smokers 420 due to the resemblance between the word oil, and the flipped numbers of 710. Just like that, a new stoner holiday was born.

Dabbing has attracted its own criticism: some doctors have claimed that while marijuana isn’t physically addictive, concentrates may be different because they create a different kind of high. The high is quick. But it’s worth pointing out that concentrates are completely legal within the Colorado market and have quite the following on the medical side of the market, too. Some oils have been tailored to the needs of cancer patients.

With more businesses participating than ever before, there’s of plenty activities planned for 7/10. Here are a few:

The Oil Spill and Chill 710 Party at Elev8, COS

This is a multi-day sale, but the actual 710 party will be hosted at Elev8 Glass Gallery, 517 South Tejon St, Colorado Springs 80903, on July 8. The party includes live glass blowing, live music, food, beer, and even fire spinning. They also will be having a great sale at two of the premiere headshops in the springs. Between July 5-July 7, Higher Elevations, 1323 Panoia St, will be having a buy one get one for $7.10 sale on the entire store. That same deal will also be available at Elev8 Glass Gallery between July 8th-July 10th.

The Dab Day 710 @ Summit Music Hall

Hosted on the day itself, The Dab Day 710 is a full concert alongside a ton of fun 710 activities. Performances for the night include Chris Webby, Scotty ATL, Trev Rich, NAPALM, and Trayce Chapman. The event also includes live vendors, live art, food, and fun contests to win. This will be a fun one for sure and if you’re interested in hip-hop music, this is the event for you.

7/10 Sesh 2017 (Colorado’s Best Concentrates) Denver

Hosted by Denver 420 events, 7/10 Sesh 2017 is a concentrate competition in search of Colorado’s Best Concentrates. There’s actually two different events, the VIP and competitors only event on Friday July 7th, and the main event which takes place on July 10th from 3 PM to 11 PM. All attendees will vote for the people’s choice best concentrate and industry experts will be determining best sativa and best indica for both Solvent and non-solvent concentrates.  There will be a live music and DJ’s playing throughout the event and vendor opportunities are available.

Xtract Games at Dave’s House Breckenridge 7/10 Weekend

Hosted by the Cannabis Connoisseur’s Coalition, the Xtract Games are a huge competition between the states best concentrate processors. The Party begins Saturday July 8th at 4:20 pm, and goes until July 10th at 7:10 am. A weekend pass for the event cost $100 and while there won’t be any sales of cannabis or concentrates on site, the weekend pass covers full party participation. The event will include fastest gram dab, Best Sauce, Shatter, Sugar, Butter, Terp and the 2017 Connoisseur Cup Champions Award presentation. Entertainment will be provided by Mayday Axel Productions and Sticky Green Records. Don’t miss out on your chance to judge some of the state’s best cannabis concentrates.

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