Rebecca Vigil’s Horoscopes for June 2013

“Ellen DeGeneres meets Mr. Rogers” — The Old York Times

by Rebecca Vigil 

Capricorn 12/22—1/19

Your need for independence is met with the need to be more spiritual. Venus is making sure that this becomes a very magical time in your life. So magical in fact, David Copperfield himself is the director to the movie called, “Your Life.”  Please welcome it in an abundance of gratitude, paranormal ambiance and plenty of tigers, or hell, even ligers. 

Aquarius 1/20—2/18

The celestial heavens are shining down upon you and giving you the extra boost that you need to fulfill your social and professional life. Someone close to you may surprise you with their erratic behavior –keep your distance to keep your cool then proceed to eat a Popsicle.  A certain situation in your life may present itself as being difficult, but you must encounter this conflict in order to grow. Take on the celestial battle with a full frontal and a punch to the proverbial gnards in the name of justice.  

Pisces 2/19—3/20

If your month starts off slow and steady then it is sure to end with a bang bang theory. Feeling restless? Get out and do something physical—it is sure to relieve any stressors.  In particular, I suggest that you go running next to a river in spandex while listening to Cyndi Lauper– out loud, but don’t laugh out loud, that is redundant.  If you want to be full of abundance and happiness then shout this out to the world. Let your needs and wants be known and shown. Just be careful what you ask for, you may get exactly what you want. 

Aries 3/21—4/19

A rollercoaster of a month is being matched by your ability to take on Herculean tasks. If you find it difficult to become logical during this time, rely on intuition or a book. When times like these are a callin’ you best pick up the phone, because the times aren’t going to leave you a voicemail.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  

Taurus 4/20—5/20

The celestial heavens are having a long-term effect on you, for the better. The opportunity to make several advances in any area that you choose will be a recurring theme.  The good news is you’re full of a lot of energy, stamina and intellectual thought. The bad news? You may become impatient, angry and irritated—giving good advice is fatal.  

Gemini 5/21—6/21

It seems Mars doesn’t want to leave you alone, dear Aries! Positive and negative forces are coming at you full speed. Passion, inspiration, creativity and aggressive perspiration—a roller coaster of emotions may engulf you.  Mars is influencing your chart in a plethora of ways—both good and bad. Ambition, luck, motivation and enthusiasm run high, as do the chances of being too vain, noisy and imprudent.  

Cancer 6/22—7/22

June will greet you with a lot of luck, especially mid-month. Expect to want to feed your head with a lot of information and delicious cuisine. All events that may seem confrontational will later prove to be gratifying and satisfy your unique craving.  The beginning of the month is favorable, allowing you to enjoy the finer things in life and it give you a stronger sense of self. Mid-month you may look for new challenges, but focus on older ones first and then handle them bird by bird. 

Leo 7/23—8/22

Become as introspective as you can for the ultimate balancing act this month. It would be wise to list the pros and cons of the situation at hand and let go of the things that are holding you back—making room for positive growth.  Not only will you be spring cleaning at the change of weather, but you are in for something much better. Doing so will ensure that your summer is less likely to become a bummer.

Virgo 8/23—9/22

The intense need for independence grows stronger every day. Get out there and make your own adventure, for it’s not likely to come to you.  Seeing the complex in the simple is not only necessary, but good for the soul.  This month the lovely planet Venus is buying your ticket to the province of love– the only thing you need to ask yourself is, are you ready to take the ride? Yes, yes you are–because in Aladdin, you would not be Jafar. 

Libra 9/23—10/22

Luck can sometimes be described as when preparation meets opportunity. This is a good month for you, so get out there and show the world what you’re made of and you just may find your lucky break. Your thirst for knowledge this month may never be quenched but you can sure use a drink. Uranus is giving you a lot of energy and a lot of headaches as well. Remember, moderation in everything is key. 

Scorpio 10/23—11/21

It seems that cupid has put his lucky pair of rose shaded spectacles on your face and shot you with an arrow this month. You appreciate beauty in simplicity and you are also in a good mood for no apparent reason.  Do something productive with this energy.  Go write in a book or wrestle a crook. Either way you’re bound to have a good day. 

Sagittarius 11/22—12/21

You might be feeling extra immortal this month, Taurus. You’re taking on tasks that only Hercules himself could do, you’re feeling quite lucky and coming off as especially attractive. At the end of the day relax, revel and re-evaluate on all that you’ve accomplished.  The delicious dish suggests that you pair a fine wine with an aged cheese.

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