King Gorge’s Royal Amusement – a photo dispatch of the Royal Gorge

Standing nearly 1000 feet above the Arkansas River, sits the grand attraction towering over its court. Built in 1929, for tourism not transportation, the Royal Gorge Bridge has been the cornerstone of sightseeing that includes the attached park, Royal Gorge Route Railroad, water sports along the Arkansas River and the now-closed Buckskin Joe. 

In late May 2013, Ye Ming filed this photo dispatch.


*Update June 12*
Editor’s note: We could never imagined these photos capture the Royal Gorge before the Royal Gorge fire of June 11th. This is how will be remember the park and we know it will be rebuilt to its full beauty.

  •   Royal Gorge Bridge is still standing
  • Aerial Tram is destroyed. The tram fell but is in it’s housing enclosure. The housing is charred, The cable fell into the Gorge.  
  • No known damage to the moved Buckskin Joe buildings. 

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