For the kid in you: Cartoon Afternoon – Adventure Time

The subtle joys of spending time with my grade school niece include stories, games, drawing and a weekly two episode, 30 minute segment of Adventure Time.  Starring the characters of Jake the Dog, Finn the Human, The Ice King, L(umpy) S(pace) P(rincess) and Rainicorn, (to name just a few), this fun, family friendly cartoon presents a whole spectrum of fantasy the most dedicated player of dungeons and dragons can’t help but approve. 

With new episodes airing Mondays on Cartoon Network and recently added to the Netflix lineup, a new cartoon favorite is emerging with just the right flavor of realistic role-play for anyone in need of an innocent laugh.

Mostly following best friends Finn and Jake, Adventure Time is a visually tantalizing viewing experience with a dose of underlying morality in every story. 

The typical young boy and his shape shifting dog often find themselves in a most uncanny context. Confronting the forces of good and evil, love and hate, friendship and greed, or heroism and cowardice, their endless quest for thrill even leads them into the magically forbidden unknown; only wits and perseverance prevail.

Boasting a multitude of imagination, creator Pendleton Ward seems to have encapsulated a sentiment for adventure that a cross-generational audience can agree upon. 

Now, “Come on, grab your friends. We’ll go to very distant lands with Jake the dog and Finn the human. The fun will never end, it’s adventure time!”

– Rob Donovan


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