Digital PULP: 6 apps you should download

Digital PULP’s Jason Cipriani submits his 6 apps you will want to download as we head towards summer.


There’s plenty of photo-sharing services available for smartphone users, but what about when it comes to getting creative with video? Twitter recently launched a service called Vine, where users can share short videos across social networks. The total length of a Vine video is 6-seconds. You’re able to stop and start the recording process as many times as you like within the time limit, which leads to some amazing stop-motion videos in the popular section of the app. Unfortunately, Vine is iOS only at the time, but an Android version is in the works. You can download Vine by searching the App Store for “Vine”. 

Get Vine


What if I told you I could stand my iPhone 5 up on a table, and then without touching it, make it spin in a complete circle without falling over? Well, I can. Using an app called Cycloramic. Cycloramic takes advantage of a smooth surface, the iPhone 5’s capability to stand on its own and carefully crafted control of the vibration motor to spin your phone in circles without you having to do a thing. While it’s spinning it’s also taking a video or a panoramic photo, so you can show your friends the look on their face when your iPhone starts dancing on its own. You can find Cycloramic in the App Store for 99-cents. 

Get Cyloramic


Dealing with people on Craigslist always seems to invoke the natural fear you’re about to get robbed — even when meeting in public places. Naturally, part of dealing with someone you don’t know means you really don’t want them to know how to get ahold of you after the sale is complete. So giving out your phone number isn’t an ideal scenario. A new app called Burner allows you to use temporary phone numbers for situations just like this. For as little as $2 you can get a phone number capable of placing and receiving phone calls, along with SMS messages that expires after a week. Longer plans are available for additional fees. Download the free app, complete with one free number, for your Android or iOS device. 

Get Burner

Google Field Trip

With Spring finally beginning to show it’s sunny face, road trips and vacations are starting to fill up calendars. The next time you’re traveling to uncharted territory and want to find something to do, give Google’s Field Trip app a try. The Field Trip app, available for both iPhone and Android users, will use your current location to suggest historical landmarks, scenic overlooks and sights you need to see on your trip. Once activated, the app will run in the background and automatically alert you if there’s something you need to see. Field Trip is free and available in both the Google Play and App Stores. Get Google Field Trip

CDOT Mobile

Back to road trips for a minute. When you’re about to hit the road, check the CDOT Mobile app to see if there’s any construction or accidents on your planned route. This will help you avoid costly delays. Something you want to do at all costs if you have little ones in the back. During the winter months you’ll also be able to use the app to check road conditions, making it easy to decide if you should make a drive. Data from the CDOT traffic cams is also available in the app. It’s free, available for both Android and iPhone users.

Get CDOT Mobile for Android  for iOS

Twitter Music

Another new app recently released by Twitter aims to help you discover new music based on who you follow, or what your friends are listening to. Twitter Music, as it’s cleverly called, will pull in a few different feeds of artists and allow you to sample their music. You can then follow the new artist on Twitter from directly within the app, or continue listening to the artist through Spotify or Rdio should you have a premium account. When listening to a song in the app you can also tweet about what you’re listening to with a #NowPlaying tag in order to help your friends discover music. iPhone and Web only for now.

Get music.twitter.com by Jason Cipriani

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