Book Review: War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Pressfield takes a touchy situation like procrastination and priests and gently shoves an enlightened lubricated lever up your tight ass. He speaks sweetly at first, pursuing you, telling you it is a good idea, he said. Sounds like a great idea, they said.  Personal resistances melt down into primordial soup and then evolve into several great ideas and intrinsic motivation. He maps out what it takes to make you a successful human being all while creativity flows freely from every orifice in your body–even macroscopic ones. This book is short, sweet, and calling it inspirational would be a major understatement. If you need a deliberate swift kick in your lower extremities I suggest obtaining a copy however you can. Your local library definitely has a copy so I suggest picking up a copy, especially if you have reached some sort of creative block or you are hoarding lack of motivation. Stop, collaborate, and listen to this review and obtain this book. If you are a butterfly in the sky, definitely take my word for it.

-Rebecca Vigil


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