Band Profile of Hillary Reynolds Band

Hillary Reynolds Band | Photo by Alicia Renee Photography
Hillary Reynolds Band | Photo by Alicia Renee Photography
Leave No Trace

Hillary Reynolds Band LLC

Chasing her dreams as vocal artist, Hillary Reynolds picked up her life and moved from Appleton, Wisconsin to Boston, Massachusetts to attend the prestigious private school, Berklee School of Music, in 2007. Berklee is a host to many musicians who have claimed their right to fame and have impacted the musical industry,  such as Melissa Etheridge, John Mayer, and Clay Cook. Reynolds developed her love for music at a young age from musicianship shaped through a loving family dynamic: singing in the car with her mother, practicing with her father’s band, and late night campfire sing-a-longs. From there, her passion for music could only grow. She involved herself in orchestras, choirs, and piano lessons, which gave her the motivation to attend Berklee.

Hillary Reynolds Band (HRB), created in 2009, is a quintet of musical talent and Berklee alumni, including Hillary Reynolds (lead vocals), Trevor Jarvis (cello/backing vocals), Connor Reese (guitar), Jeff Hale (drums), and Chris Mewhinney (electric/acoustic bass). HRB’s firm foundation as a group emerged through circles of friends, various collaborations, YouTube videos of cover songs, and the appreciation of each other’s exceptional musical talents. Together they have created a matchless and alluring sound that they describe as a fusion of “tight vocal harmonies, the flash & polish of cutting-edge production technique, and traditional acoustic instruments,” or more specifically a genre of “folk pop”. As time progresses, HRB continues to add more diversity to its sound using instruments like upright bass, ukulele and mandolin. HRB’s music is definable as a light-hearted, feel good and buoyant musical experience.

HRB’s inspiration for writing and composing music involves tapping into emotions that are ineffable and encouraging people to face their emotions through the powers of music. Reynolds says, “Songs come to me at random times, whether it’s while I’m stuck in traffic, in the shower, on a hike in the woods, or while I’m trying to fall asleep at night. There’s no way of predicting when the inspiration will strike.” A central inspiration that will always and forever be crucial to Reynolds’ writing, stems from the love she shared with her mother Trina Reynolds, who passed away in fall 2011 from a four-year battle with breast cancer. Since then, Reynolds has written many songs in memory of Trina and currently is working with her foundation, “Trina Fund,” to support women in their endeavors for second opinions on diagnoses and treatments for breast cancer. Reynolds, in her efforts for “Trina Fund,” is creating a CD compilation molded by an alliance of numerous songwriters called Living Out of a Suitcase.

Since their union as a group in 2009, HRB, under their own record label, has released two albums, First Loves and Since September, (which can be found on iTunes); produced two official music videos “Leave No Trace” and “Good As New”; and have toured to various locations around the nation. Their performance venues range from farmers markets and theaters to coffee shops and radio stations.

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